Our Journey

Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting our website, we hope you have found something of interest and will come back regularly as we will be adding lots of new flavours and products as time goes on.
Now to tell you a little about us and why we started Terje’s World. This is not a short answer but I will do my best to give you my quick version.

Terje’s World has been created by Terje’s Mother, Step Father and 2 younger brothers as a living legacy and a way to keep Terje's spirit, good nature and essence alive.

Terje, was a firm believer in the healing qualities of tea, he could always be found with some tea in his backpack if not a cup in his hand. If you knew Terje and he knew something was ailing you, he would work to find a blend of the right teas, herb, spices and fruits to help with your ailments

Terje was also a naturist, loved admiring all the beauty that the world has to offer and believed in making memories in every moment.

Late in Terje’s teenage years he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Quickly this disease progressed and drastically his Mental Health declined. Sadly at the young age of 23 Terje's battle came to an end.

So, we have collectively decided to create" Terje's World" for these 4 main reasons:
1- In order to allow Terje's memory and life to live on through us.
2- To bring Terje’s lessons to others (we are learning so much everyday as well)
3- With every product sold through Terje’s World we will be making a donation to Jack.org in order to bring awareness to youth mental health and suicide prevention.
4- Let others know that they are not alone.



If you would like to hear more about our story or would like to chat please feel free to reach out. We are all Family and as Terje would say

“Family Love”
Thank you again for taking some time to learn more about us and we truly do appreciate all your support.

“Thank You" ~ Sandra, Rich Logan and Calvin